Cha Cha dance lessons

Posted by: oldman

Cha Cha dance lessons - 07/07/05 12:45 AM

I have a videotape of Dan Inosanto in which he states that he helped Bruce Lee prepare to teach Cha Cha Lessons. My question is this, Did any of those students go on to teach Cha Cha dancing? Do any of them still teach today?
Posted by: Cord

Re: Cha Cha dance lessons - 07/07/05 02:35 AM

What a great question! Sadly I havent a clue If its of any interest Masaaki Hatsumi Head of bujinkan taijutsu, was a champion ballroom dancer in his youth, and his practice of it was actively encouraged by his master as an aid to footwork.
Posted by: MattJ

Re: Cha Cha dance lessons - 07/07/05 07:42 AM

Hatsumi danced? I did not know that. That would explain his grace when moving.
Posted by: Neonomide

Re: Cha Cha dance lessons - 07/20/05 10:08 PM

Lee was the national champion of chacha in Hong Kong. Just wanted to add that.