Wing Chun

Posted by: Chang Wufei

Wing Chun - 02/02/05 05:41 PM

Has anyone here been taught the Bil Tzo Form in Wing Chun?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Wing Chun - 02/02/05 11:17 PM

Yes, i have. Why? Problems?
Posted by: Chang Wufei

Re: Wing Chun - 02/03/05 12:23 AM

No problems, actually I'm interested in the form. Do you think you could summarize what it's all about and what you've learned?
Posted by: etaks86

Re: Wing Chun - 05/08/05 04:22 PM

i'm sorry to say that i don't know this form your asking about. i've only been into learning martial arts for around a year and a half. when i started i wanted to learn wing chun. right now i only know the first form siu lim tao. i also learned that wing chun alone is not the best for self defence. so i now mix siu lim tao with jkd and boxing. anyways the only forms i know exist in wing chun is siu lim tao, tsum kui, and biu jee. also luk tim boon kwun/six and a half pole and baat jam dao/eight cutting knives. and muk yan jong/wooden dummy. sorry i could not be of any help but if you do find anything out about the form your seeking, then post it. i might would also look in to this form to see what it is. thank you
Posted by: Bodiharma

Re: Wing Chun - 05/10/05 09:13 AM

what do you want too know?

The many facets of bue gee cannot be done justice in a single brief post, but some salient features are worthy of note. Bue Gee is often referred to as a real emergency form within the broader context of self defense. The worst emergency is losing control of the centerline.

The bue gee is designed to assist in the recovery of the centerline, quickly and effectively.
Posted by: monji112000

Re: Wing Chun - 05/12/05 12:21 PM
I will ask Gorden Lu (lo man kan's son) to finish the Bill Jee .

I would not try understanding any forms in WC, because you prob don't have the background to build on.

If you don't have the footwork.. how can you understand the hand or feet movements? ect...