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Fao BANDIT KILLER - 01/15/05 11:35 PM

I dont mean to be presumptious or rude, however I read that you train under Mr. Wong Jack Man. As that is this case I imagine he could contribute a great deal to the site. I also understand that he probably lives a very hectic shcedule as well. If you feel it would be a good idea would you invite him? Id love to have conversation with someeone of his stature.
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Re: Fao BANDIT KILLER - 01/16/05 07:45 PM

As you may have read in the Black Belt article and the Wong Jack Man post, he is very reclusive these days. This has especially been the case since the late 70's and the 80's after some major drama involving some former students and the court case involving Linda Lee and Dan Inosanto. In the years I have trained with him, he's never been at liberty to discuss anything from the distant past. Our conversations usually involve self-defense techniques that I'm learning and where the good restaurants are. To be honest, he probably wouldn't be too happy about me talking about him on any martial arts forum. Me and one other former student of his on the Kung Fu Magazine forum have discussed him but it usually has to do with something regarding Bak Siu Lum or some other general info. about him.
I've taken a break from training with him for now, as I am living in LA right now and probably won't be going back up to Northern Cali for a little while. I doubt that he would have anything to say since he routinely turns away interviewers and those seeking some sort of comment on the Lee fight. I definitely wouldn't want him to think that I invited anyone to class who had an alterior motive other than to begin learning Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, or some weapons sets from him.
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I meant not to have him here simply for his take on the Lee fight but that I felt he could contribute a great deal to the site. I would never be so disrespectful as to approach him on the subject but I would love to hear his interpretation of self defense.
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Re: Fao BANDIT KILLER - 05/04/05 07:27 PM

Because Wong Jack Man is such a reclusive man these days, it's very unlikely that he would want to contribute to this site. A while ago, he told me not to involve him in any sort of movies, magazines, or the like. This has been frustrating for many an author because there is a great interest in having Wong Jack Man talk more in depth about his side of the story (concerning his dealings with Bruce Lee). If you think about it he could be instantly famous if he came forward. All he would have to do is go to Inside Kung Fu or Kung Fu Magazine and say "I'm Wong Jack Man." I guess fame and fortune just isn't his thing.

This doesn't take away from his skill and abilities though. It is said that he was a child prodigy who learned the entire Northern Shaolin system by the time he was ten. Also, I've found out recently that Bruce and Wong weren't even necessarily enemies. Apparently Bruce had a lot of respect for Wong and after their '64 bout they had planned on having a rematch in ten years. That initial fight was so significant to Bruce that he closed his school, changed his style, and left the area. Like I was saying in that previous thread, it wasn't until long after Bruce's death that certain people capitalized on making Wong out to be this cowardly villian who gets beaten up. It's sad that people still believe this even though Linda Lee Caldwell's story flies in the face of every other account from people who were there and people who were friends of both men.

By the way, I wanted to get a copy of that last thread. I think it was called "The Fight with Wong Jack Man" or something. I know it was finally locked up but I just wanted to get it for posterity.