Idea for the forum.

Posted by: Chen Zen

Idea for the forum. - 08/21/04 06:39 PM

Most serious martial artists and nearly every JKD practitioner has read the Tao of JKD. Since this is the case I would suggest that maybe once a week a post be put up discussing information on things found within the pages of the book and how they relate to JKD now. Any thoughts? For example I just wrote a thread about the savate kick on Page 78. Just a thought.
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Re: Idea for the forum. - 08/21/04 07:23 PM

I justed look on pg 78, as I was trying to picture the savate kick you were talking about. I see what you mean about being off balance and all. I personally have never EVER practiced this kick at all. It seems it might be a good technique to test the opponent or used as a feint to pave the way for punching (in sparring), but as a stand alone attack or an actual self defense technique... no way for me.

Have you seen the battle between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee in the coliseum? I believe at one point he used this kick twice on Chuck and then out of the blue he feints' it once more, then immediately trancends into a swift hook kick to the head! I know it "tele-"lie"-vision" and all, but it gives me a good visual of the movement.

I like the idea btw. And since its been awhile, the book has collected a bit of dust. I will give it an overview and give my mind a workout for a change! lol Maybe something will stand out.
Posted by: Chen Zen

Re: Idea for the forum. - 08/22/04 12:36 AM

Thats one of my favorite fights ever. The flexibility demonstration he gives at the beginning is amazing. I have noticed that occasionaly you can stuff a kick with it but the percentage of it hitting is low.
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Re: Idea for the forum. - 09/08/04 03:25 PM

Is that the kick where you sort of invert your rear leg and then kick?
If so, I have used it with with some degree of effectiveness in sparring and such.