Written by Bruce, about JKD

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Written by Bruce, about JKD - 08/19/04 11:56 PM

Just something I wanted to share with everyone. It's pretty long, 18 pages I think, but interesting none the less.
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Re: Written by Bruce, about JKD - 09/29/04 12:01 PM

Interesting. This appears to be a copy of the original manuscript that Bruce Lee submitted to Black Belt Magazine. The article was published in 1970. The next year, 1971, according to author John Little, Bruce Lee closed his JKD kwoons and disbanned the teaching og JKD. Bruce asked all of his students not to teach physical skills and call them JKD. He was concerned that students would mistake the techniques for the art. At that point JKD became a philosophy, a way to find personal liberation from the limitations imposed by fixed styles.