New Association?

Posted by: bassaiguy

New Association? - 09/10/15 02:06 PM

Although I used to belong to a major karate organization, my most senior teachers and I are all independent. I would like to have some form of affiliation though for my students and my own professional development. Can anyone recommend an association that might help me out with identifying and association that meets the following criteria:

supports traditional karate
is open to new members
will recognize my rank/experience (nidan/20+ years in MA)
will recognize my students
operates as a non-profit
offers training and support for members

I do not need:

insurance (covered by the rec department)
competition ranking

Posted by: Dobbersky

Re: New Association? - 09/14/15 09:58 AM

Cobra Martial Arts Association

They have affilited school in the USA
Posted by: bassaiguy

Re: New Association? - 09/15/16 11:46 AM

Well, resurrecting this thread almost a year to the day. Several months ago I reached out to the new kaicho of the National Karate Jujitsu Union, an organization that at one time was prominent among my lineage and teachers. They have been very welcoming and I am glad the organization is growing again. I'm not advertising and have no stake in the association other than as a member, but I have been very satisfied by the level of contact and support they have offered me as a (formerly) independent martial artist.