Your true goal

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Your true goal - 03/03/06 07:16 AM

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Re: Your true goal - 03/03/06 07:22 AM

I want to be the guy on the cover of 'Mens Health' one day.
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Heh Thats the sort of thing I want to guage. Whilst the forum was primarily created to discuss training strategies specific to enhancing MA performance, i would love to know what the contributors and readers of the forum want for themselves. This can then be taken into account in making answers to the more general posts as relevant to as many people as possible. If you guys and girls want to elaborate via posts on the thread that is great, feel free to reference athletes and physiques that act as motivators and/or inspiration for your training.
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Definitely a mix. I lean more towards the functional strength side but i don't mind having my ripples !
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Re: Your true goal - 03/03/06 09:13 AM

Definintely the mix. I like looking good but I always get dragged down when I'm not lifting the amount of weight I want. I want to be explosive and strong because this is needed for my goals as a grappler. I want it to be functional but I also want people to look at me and go, "this guy got muscle ... stay away from him".
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Re: Your true goal - 03/03/06 01:53 PM

All my conditioning is for the purpose of martial arts. I go to the weight room as a martial artist, stretch as a martial artist, and do push-ups as a martial artist.

I'm strict with myself about giving in to the temptation of cosmetic training. If you train for function, your looks will take care of themselves. Take a look at any athlete in a sport demanding high levels of relative power - they only train for function, but they look great.
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Re: Your true goal - 03/03/06 02:53 PM


Take a look at any athlete in a sport demanding high levels of relative power - they only train for function, but they look great.

Mark Henry, Cabbage Coriera, Paul Buentelo?
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Re: Your true goal - 03/03/06 03:13 PM

Never heard of those guys before, but I did a Google image search. Fair point.
But you've got to admit, they're the exception to the rule. Either their looks don't reflect their physical abilities, or they may be good at what they do, but not in great condition.

Take a look at any weightlifter (except in the +105kg category), any male or female athlete involved in running sprints, skating sprints, swimming sprints or cycling sprints (these being closer to functional martial arts training than the less attractive endurance athletes ), gymnasts, ballet dancers, acrobats etc. etc.

Basically, what is an attractive physique? Low body fat and evenly developed, symmetrical, toned muscles. The same as what's functional.
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Re: Your true goal - 03/03/06 03:32 PM

I agree that many in the persuits you mention do display impressive physiques. But at high level competition, you are dealing with people with exceptional genetics as a base line to work with. Naturaly close to pure mesomorphic body type, and a good adaption rate and potential that can be tapped through training.
Your theory also requires all athletes to have no regard for their appearance factored into their training. This is very often not the case, sometimes directly against the wishes of their coaches. A good friend of mine was Under 21 overall British powerlifting champion a couple of years back, and would 'sneak' to the gym i worked at to train his arms and shoulders against the orders of his coach!

To put it another way, some people who dedicate themselves purely to the training and eating required to increase muscle mass fail to make great increase in musculature due to being handicapped by their genetics, so to assume that performance related training guarantees a certain level of 'buffness' by default to everyone is a big stretch, though I do agree that a fit and active body will always have a better shape and appearance than an untrained body.

Just food for thought
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Re: Your true goal - 03/05/06 03:02 PM

A mix - hell, I want to look good too! Still, I train mostly towards strength and overall fitness, to supplement TKD and concentration at college. Looks are important to most people - myself included. I like the confidence that being in good shape gives me, and I think that my confidence comes through. And what can be more functional than feeling good about yourself?
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Re: Your true goal - 03/12/06 08:44 AM

I honestly train for strength only. I'm comfortable enough with my body to accept that I'll never be as sculpted as I might want, but any time I've been strong the looks have come with it. For that matter, I've been letting myself go a little too much and people still assume that I work out continually.
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Re: Your true goal - 03/19/06 11:09 AM

What motivates me to train is Bruce Lee, and to be a great martial artist. Bruce Lee had an amazing physique, yet he was really strong.
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Re: Your true goal - 03/19/06 02:31 PM

Anybody know his lifting records?
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Re: Your true goal - 04/11/06 02:21 PM

I go to the gym three times a week, I train (martial arts)with my daughters every night of the week. My goal is to get back into shape and be competitive on the tourament circut in Texas like I used to be when I was much younger.
Posted by: TimBlack

Re: Your true goal - 04/13/06 12:11 PM


I want to be the guy on the cover of 'Mens Health' one day.

By the way - join the club!
Posted by: Dereck

Re: Your true goal - 04/13/06 01:17 PM

That would be cool. I could do it now with a little bit of air brushing and shadowing effects.
Posted by: JPond

Re: Your true goal - 04/19/06 10:05 PM

a mix... mainly for strength and flexibility... but of course i like to look good too
Posted by: Leo_E_49

Re: Your true goal - 06/12/06 10:19 AM

Sure, I really need weight training for strength to train Jujutsu effectively. But heck, I gotta look good for the ladies.
Posted by: Legend of the Hungry Wolf

Re: Your true goal - 07/27/06 02:58 AM

a very good topic, lets u see other views to this.

i train to become so strong i won't need to be. I want to be so powerful, that i wont need to worry about my safety or whether or not i can defend my family, friends and myself. It's not really a goal that i can accomplish, but it's something i strive for, because you will never know when you need it, until its too late. There's nothing worse than being strong, but not strong enough.
Posted by: euan

Re: Your true goal - 07/31/06 01:00 PM

i think that a strong functional body usually looks good. so i train for stregnth speed power and all that and look better because of it(i think so anyway)
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Re: Your true goal - 08/31/06 08:24 PM

To be still training when Im 72 years old and beyond
Thats in 19 years time. I look at some of the okinawans in their 70s and 80s still training daily.

Trained all my life

My true goal is to still
Look as good as I can
feel good
be strong as I can
still be able to do bag work sparring technique work
learn more
in the coming years
Posted by: Demonologist437

Re: Your true goal - 09/17/06 03:34 PM

I train to condition my body for the martial arts, and to stay healthy. Ripples wil come and go, but to keep ones Qi balanced and healthy will surpass that. Since I live with a moderately-serious chronic disease, this is especially so for me.

If anything, strengthening is just another aspect of the whole, just as all other parts of my training are.
Posted by: dao

Re: Your true goal - 09/17/06 04:37 PM

i train to live and preserve life
Posted by: Zyranyth

Re: Your true goal - 09/19/06 08:52 AM

Due to my muscle type I don't have much choice (long muscles, don't grow as much in size) - pure power/strength.

Granted, I'd love to look bigger, but because I also have a pretty delicate skeleton, there are some parts of my body that just won't grow (say, wrists for example). I'm not sure whether anything can be done about that or not, but I don't think so.

What I'm suprised about though is that my shoulders are broader now than say, one year back. I thought that was more genetic than about working out.
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Re: Your true goal - 09/25/06 07:16 PM

i want to be strong and fit enough so that when im to the age where alot of people can barely ride a merry-go-round without having back problems i'll be sparring practicing self defense and etc, with the average person or martial artist
Posted by: Crash

Re: Your true goal - 09/25/06 08:24 PM


There's nothing worse than being strong, but not strong enough.

Could not agree more! honestly it's my worst nightmare, seriously, once in awhile I have that dream where I can't save my loved ones simply because I'm not strong enough.

I guess I train for both, sometimes a tough apperance will be enough to deter someone from wanting to pick a fight with you, other times it makes it worse because only tough A-holes with something to prove will want to fight other tough-looking guys.
Posted by: Aurora

Re: Your true goal - 10/11/06 06:17 PM

My main goal is to obtain physical strength, in order to be able to defend myself if needed. That's why today I started going to the gym, only to find out that I'm too weak. It will much time to strenghten, I guess. Was a bit disappointed 'cause I didn't wait for it to be so difficult but I Know I can't wait results so quickly.
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Re: Your true goal - 10/11/06 08:00 PM

Why do you want to scare people? Lol
Posted by: Dereck

Re: Your true goal - 10/12/06 02:28 AM

Not scarey but I find that muscle size can be intimidating to many and they may think twice about starting something if they think you are strong. I want to be strong, but I also work out functionally for martial arts, but I also want the benefits of looking good which also gives me confidence. That confidence can also be intimidating.
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Re: Your true goal - 10/12/06 12:44 PM

i have trained with weights since iwas 13 i'm about to turn 35 in a couple of months and i love it. it is agreat way to reduce stress and it makes you feel better about yourself. i'm freaky strong but my gains are through extreme hard i read in an earlier post i hope to keep lifting until i die. for me along with ma it is a way of life and even though i am busy one needs to take time for themselves!
Posted by: waas13

Re: Your true goal - 10/16/06 07:45 PM

i definately train for function...i train for life and for my one "bad habit": i want to be the best...i feel like i can't live up to the thousands of people out there but that doesn't stop me...i want to be the best at everything i do...i feel this makes me selfish although some say's just me...and to me, every single activity one does can be linked to needing conditioning...that is my opinion of course.

anyways happy training everyone,

with respect, Ty
Posted by: Zyranyth

Re: Your true goal - 10/17/06 09:36 AM

Umm. I want immortality and world domination?

No but seriously. A good "final" goal for me, would be to be able to function on my own until the very end. I don't want to get in such a bad shape when I get old that I can no longer take care of myself on my own.

For now, being healthy is goal enough. I haven't really given short term goals much thought really - throughout the soon 17 years I've been active, I've mostly just enjoyed MA and its associated culture and history in itself, without any particular goals.

Then again, enlightenment might be my ultimate goal.
When the spirit, thought and body merge and function as one.
Yep, that's my goal.
Posted by: 47MartialMan

Re: Your true goal - 10/25/06 12:18 AM

I have been in and out of weight training since about 1972.
Things change in the way of nutrition, supplements, and equipment

I stand 5'7", weight about 190 and had two trainers.

One trainer happened to be one of my MA instructors whom trained as a boxer, then Jujitsu/Judo (before the current fad), and Karate Do. He had introduce me to other instructors who, at that time, train people privately and through referrals. The other weight trainer I had was way younger than I, but he was into body building, won some competitions, went to college to learn about physical therapy and nutrionalist. He his currenty a personal trainer in California, did some cameo and "extra" acting in a few movies.

My goal, with weight training, is to help my 74 year old dad get back to a little training. We had, about two months ago, signed into a gym together.

We seem to be the oldest couple of guys in the gym (its a small gym)
Posted by: Dereck

Re: Your true goal - 10/25/06 01:35 AM

That's awesome and I hope to be training later in life as well.
Posted by: 47MartialMan

Re: Your true goal - 10/25/06 07:04 PM


That's awesome and I hope to be training later in life as well.

I had two weight trainers, but 4 martial art instructors within nearly 40 years
Posted by: JKogas

Re: Your true goal - 10/25/06 07:22 PM

My first foray into the Strengthening forum...

I've honestly never really cared too greatly about having a lot of strength/power. I didn't want to be dependent on it. Perhaps my thinking was flawed, but it was what it was.

After a shoulder injury (second one to the same shoulder) and the fact that I am 41 and want to continue grappling for a long time, I've decided to (re)embark on my conditioning routine (into my 4th week).

I don't honestly care that much about aesthectics although I would never complain if I looked like the guy on the "Mens's Health" cover. I doubt anyone would. My concern has always been about function.

My function however is centered around Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which isn't really based on overpowering people, so it's a little different in that regard.

However like I said, I'm 4 weeks in and my opinion could possibly change. I'm just enjoying the ride for now and thought I would chime in.


Posted by: Dereck

Re: Your true goal - 10/26/06 01:01 AM

Careful John as you might get hooked.
Posted by: im_hungry

Re: Your true goal - 05/13/07 10:26 AM

A mix of both , both more on the pure strength side or things.
Posted by: muaythaiguy

Re: Your true goal - 07/08/07 04:04 PM

I definitely love adding more weight when I train, but I also enjoy being able to easily see my gains in the mirror. My eating habits are for performance, my workout habits are for performance and appearance.
Posted by: Bunny_Warrior

Re: Your true goal - 12/03/07 05:06 PM

I want pure strength and power from my body. I don't train to impress girls or stuff like that, I think that would be kinda pathetic.

Of course, I stay away from drugs and steroids, and stuff like that. What I want is pure natural strength and power, something I can be proud of, not something I achieved thanks to drugs. And thankfully, I never touched any kind of drugs or similar stuff. No one needs that to be strong
Posted by: mad_dog

Re: Your true goal - 12/10/07 09:20 AM

I voted for pure strenght/power, but... as long as my weight is below 75! It's related with sport.
Posted by: TwizDead

Re: Your true goal - 12/23/07 05:50 PM

I want to be a pure animal in terms of strength.
I mean if I want to compete at MA I need to be in certain categories ect, which will always mean I'll have to cut down to hit certain weight categories.
But compared to my old self, I accepted that I'm gonna lose alot of defination in my process of becoming a beast and accept that I still dont se4e myself as ever being physically unattractive.
Posted by: grappler4571

Re: Your true goal - 03/12/08 08:17 PM

lik at the moment im 19 i've been training for ma thing since i was 8 i do all the correct workouts sprints and what not
but i still am kinda on the chubby side i mean i diet to fit my workouts and what i train for, more specifically i train to be fit not buff because i believe to be fit opens the option of buffness so to say. so in all i believe getting FIT is more important than the cosmetic and BUFFness look if you will..
Posted by: specter

Re: Your true goal - 04/24/08 03:51 PM

I voted for mix, dude! Look, I wanna be able to kick some ass, but I wanna look good too! Right now, I'm pretty fit, but since I haven't been training in a good while, I'm not as strong or as functional as I used to be. I still have a good physique though, but I don't just wanna look good, I also wanna be able to wreck people! What if I'm sittin there and some dude comes up and wants to mess with me for some reason?! Yeah, I'll look good, but I'll get the crap kicked outta me! And THEN how good am I gonna look, with my face all wrecked and my body all messed up?! You gotta be able to BALANCE that kinda stuff out, man! I vote for the mix! (Cause I STILL wanna look good!)
Posted by: ragingrasengan

Re: Your true goal - 05/21/08 02:11 PM

Meh, i mostly care that im healthy, fit, and able to be able to function decentley during practice and training, but i do want to also look good in a way, if i look decent i dont mind, i dont wanna look "Tough and Buff" as long as im not obese or overweight and can function properley and look decent, i dont really mind, so yea mix, leaning more to health and strength.
Posted by: menina

Re: Your true goal - 06/06/08 06:59 AM

I train mainly to become skilled (strenght, coordination, flexibility... etc). The way I look is secondary but I realized that I do care about that when my abs started to stick out as if I was pregnant. Big shock! I thouhgt my belly would become flat! T_T.

Still, I'll go for the superskilled goal.
Posted by: harlan

Re: Your true goal - 06/06/08 07:05 AM

I started lifting weights last year. Just a few pounds, at home...nothing like you serious trainers. I want to be stronger than I am, and as an older woman my current concern is to minimize bone loss.
Posted by: menina

Re: Your true goal - 06/06/08 07:15 AM


as an older woman my current concern is to minimize bone loss.

mmmm? You mean, having big muscles affect to your bones?

Posted by: Cord

Re: Your true goal - 06/06/08 07:26 AM



as an older woman my current concern is to minimize bone loss.

mmmm? You mean, having big muscles affect to your bones?


Weight training does not only effect the muscles. Resistance work also promotes bone density and strength- something that diminishes rapidly in post-menopausal women. This means that weight training in middle to later life keeps the skeleton, as well as the muscles strong.

Not so after all eh?
Posted by: Dereck

Re: Your true goal - 06/06/08 12:43 PM


Not so after all eh?

Are you turning Canadian on us Cord?

Not sure for myself what I want now. What to get stronger and am finding it as I get older an uphill battle however I also want to look good; also an uphill battle.
Posted by: menina

Re: Your true goal - 06/09/08 03:07 AM


Not so after all eh?

Ohh, I just realize the was saying "mad". I thought he was scratching his head in confussion. Lol.

Thank you for the explanation. Happy to learn this useful things for my health.

Posted by: RockHardGuitar

Re: Your true goal - 05/17/09 07:33 PM

Other than losing the bit of fat I already have.. I just want more muscle, less mass. Don't know how I would go about that. Only have a 25 lb dumbell. I don't have all these tires and sleds for strengthening. Don't know a workout routine that would do that. >.< I'm sure I'll find something browsing through these wicked forums though.
Posted by: clmibb

Re: Your true goal - 05/21/10 08:42 PM

I train to start minimizing the effects of post menopause bone loss. I'm not that close to periomenopause (I'm only 30) but close enough for me. My short term goal is to flatten out my "mommy pooch" that I've gained from both of my pregnancies. It's by no means a big bulge (I'm a size 2 after all) but it's big enough for me to notice.

I took a weight training class in college a few semesters back to get tips on proper weight lifting techniques and ideas for different things that can be done beyond the bench press and squats. My bench went from about 60 pounds to 90 pounds within a few months and my leg press was up to 400 pounds. I plan of getting back in it this fall to finish up my kinesiology requirements for my degree.
Posted by: daffl

Re: Your true goal - 05/26/10 05:49 PM

Interesting poll and results!

no advertising please

Posted by: MadPanda

Re: Your true goal - 07/16/10 04:20 PM

Balance is definitely preferred, if you are purely training for looks you will most likely over train certain parts of your body (biceps and pecs) and under train other parts that are vital for supporting your body (back and shoulders and legs)
Posted by: Bhim

Re: Your true goal - 08/21/10 08:18 AM

I want to make my figure strong and young that is why i joined this forum to get free tips to you. i am so many things here. Thanks!!
Posted by: Mark Jordan

Re: Your true goal - 08/22/10 11:17 PM

I would like to stay healthy and fit even if I'm 60, 70 or older and hope to continue doing what I am doing now.
Posted by: Zinc

Re: Your true goal - 09/26/11 04:56 PM

Wait... if you continue to become stronger, wouldn't you also look better because of that??? shocked
Posted by: Dereck

Re: Your true goal - 09/27/11 01:41 PM

Strength is not a direct indication of how you will physically look. There are many strong men that don't have a physique just looked at the NFL and their linemen. It will always depend on how you train, what you are training for and than there are other factors such how much rest you get, how much fluids you take and your diet. And then there is the biggest factor of all, your genetics.

I could eat like a slob and continue to lift heavy thus getting stronger but never physically looking better. It isn't till I implement proper eating habits and introducing cardio would I start to physically look better.
Posted by: choonbee

Re: Your true goal - 09/27/11 08:52 PM

Originally Posted By: Dereck
Strength is not a direct indication of how you will physically look.

Most bodybuilders look much more muscular and pumped up than powerlifters, but powerlifters are much stronger. (for the most part).
Posted by: gojuman59

Re: Your true goal - 09/28/11 09:01 AM

I just want to have my core strong. It all starts there.I'm not so interested in building mass any more.All my training is now to get faster and more accurate with my techniques.

Posted by: choonbee

Re: Your true goal - 09/28/11 06:06 PM

I hear you, Mark.
Lately I've been working on endurance and strength.
Getting bulked up isn't helpful with what I'm doing these days.
Posted by: iaibear

Re: Your true goal - 09/28/11 10:55 PM

I just want to still be able to lift and move my extension ladder when I paint the house next year.
Posted by: choonbee

Re: Your true goal - 09/29/11 03:49 AM

Maybe a scaffold would be a good idea.
Posted by: Dobbersky

Re: Your true goal - 09/30/11 09:20 AM

I want to be a "Mr Miyagi"

Humble but lethal when required!
Posted by: Kimo2007

Re: Your true goal - 09/30/11 11:08 PM

Originally Posted By: Dobbersky
I want to be a "Mr Miyagi"

Humble but lethal when required!

Who also loves the hooch!
Posted by: Toby39

Re: Your true goal - 11/11/11 01:54 PM

I would happily look like a guy on the front of mens health... or one of the olympic gymnasts. you know, the guys who can pull themselves up on the rings. I don't feel the need to look like mr olympia.

As for actual performance, I've always wanted to have such explosive twitch-fibres, that I'd be able to run towards a wall taller than my own height, and then clear it with just one leap (and pulling myself up of course)... as if onlookers thought they were witnessing something supernatural.
Posted by: Christie

Re: Your true goal - 11/14/11 04:52 PM

My main goals are performance goals. I want to be faster, I want to be fitter, and I want to be stronger. But I would be fooling myself if I thought my weight didn't matter. The lighter I am, the faster I can be by carrying less body weight. The same goes for strength; the less body fat I carry around the more weight in addition to my body weight I can manipulate. On the same note, the more I can manipulate my own body with less body fat to manipulate with it. For me the goals are really one and the same.
Posted by: Beefcake

Re: Your true goal - 12/11/14 02:44 AM

I'm just trying to build up pure strength. I'm already skinny, so I want to look more Bruce Lee strong than Arnold Schwarzenegger strong. I've been doing the LINK REMOVED just as a fan, but mainly do more serious training at my dojo.