Charlie's Angels not so nice...

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Charlie's Angels not so nice... - 06/05/11 04:11 PM

Unfortunate incident that happened to an aquitance of mine. The short story is that three girls jumped one girl. Police were not informed despite this happening in a busy downtown street with many bars and clubs.

The boyfriend of the girl who was attacked didn't get hurt seriously but did little to stop the three attackers. After the victums get attackers away they go down the street towards their cars. On the way they get attacked two more times by the three girls.

Where are the police and why can't this guy handle these three aggressive girls attacking his girlfriend. The boyfriend didn't handle the situation at all since he and his girlfriend were attacked two more times.

I hope all you practice occasionally sparring with multiple opponents because it's oh, so important for self defense.

But interesting enough I think that the guy struggled with how to handle the girls. Would you guys just break the three girl's teeth in to protect your girl? Would you defuse the situation with as little force as possible? Could you stop them and hope other men or their bf's don't confront you?
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Re: Charlie's Angels not so nice... - 06/06/11 12:58 AM

Just guessing about that particular situation, but...

it seems to me that the attackers may have been counting on the boyfriend not knowing what to do, and that he would be reticent about hitting them.

The usual drill is to do as much as necessary and as little as possible, right? I would assume that the first move would simply be for the boyfriend to put himself physically in the way and yell; second move, pushing or pulling attackers away.
The interruption might give time for the target to run for her car. If the boyfriend was at all imposing, that might be all that was needed. If he was little and skinny, he'd have to put on a good show of intensity, and hope his girlfriend could help. The two targets got away "without getting hurt seriously" even though the boyfriend didn't defend, which suggests to me that the three girls were NOT out to do serious damage. It might not have taken much in the way of violence to get rid of them.

I'm a small and skinny female, and have used intimidation before against aggressive men (and even had it work, possibly because of surprise). Will be interested to hear the guys' opinions.
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Re: Charlie's Angels not so nice... - 06/06/11 12:12 PM

This situation presents a snap-shot of our modern times. The violence in our world and the lack of accountability for ones actions makes "starting some----" easier. Those three girls were approaching this couple with a gang mentality. One on one with no audience it probably would have never happened.
The reason that the guy didn't react well to these attackers is that it is very difficult to split ones focus on three attackers and the protection of your girl friend. Also no matter how big and nasty these women attackers were it comes down to this,if the guy hauls off and hits the women society paints him as the bad guy.
Where are the police you ask? It's too much to ask that the police be front and center at the scene of every dustup on the streets. Most of their job is follow-up to crimes already commited.
I'm not trying to paint the boy friend out as a wimp, but I am old enough to remember when standing up for the women in that situation would've been a given. Courage and a cool head under pressure are makes one a man instead of a sheep.

just some thoughts, Mark
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Re: Charlie's Angels not so nice... - 06/07/11 05:33 PM

Unfortunately, if the cops were involved and the boyfriend got involved he would have immediately been arrested. It's just one of the prejudices of the police. Although, I'm mostly wondering about the specifics and why his girlfriend was attacked instead of him.
I'm having to agree with Gojuman. It's amazing how people get hysterical a lot easier now, and even more so how a violent encounter can go on with bystanders not doing anything.
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Re: Charlie's Angels not so nice... - 06/12/11 05:16 PM

I knew some girls in UK who were tough as hell and didn't mind a good scrap. One night they got into a fight with some other girl. Later they bumped into her again, but this time she had some guys with her.

mandy and her friend painted the walls with these guys and walked off as the cops came.

The cops stopped them and asked what was going on... they claimed the guys had been sexually harassing them. Cops threw the half conscious guys into the van, none to gently, and probably finished the job the girls had started.
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Re: Charlie's Angels not so nice... - 06/24/11 04:38 PM

I have heard several versions of the story, including the guys...but however it happened doesn't matter.

I just have never thought of a situation such as that. Defending one female against three female aggressors. The consequences that would result from action taken. Even defending against one female as oppose to a guy.

I hate fighting especially when girls fight.
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Re: Charlie's Angels not so nice... - 06/24/11 05:07 PM

Hmm, if they were attacked a total of three times and no one ended up in the hospital, I guess my first question is what kind of encounter was this?

If three people truly want to hurt one, from my little experience it's not too difficult. There is so much to the story we don't know from your description.

How would I handle it? Well truthfully i'd start by not being in a place like this:
a busy downtown street with many bars and clubs.

Sounds flip, but it's true, my guess is there were mistakes made long before the actual physical stuff started, it's probably worth looking at that. Youth + Alcohol + Ego..always a great mix.

We don't have enough information here to know to what kind of "fight" this was, a light punchfest and name calling session requires a different response than something worse surely.

That said, if I felt my wife was really in danger from someone, I would do what was needed, regardless of the sex of the attackers....

Again though, there are so many steps leading up to an encounter like that which should be looked before the physical encounter. Not trying to downplay the seriousness of it..but if this was just a fight with little physical danger, it's a different deal than someone actually attempting serious assault...and it's probably worth figuring that in.
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Re: Charlie's Angels not so nice... - 07/06/11 10:55 PM

Too many what ifs, or coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Situations unfold and one will never know how they will react until the situation has
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No updates?