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Attacked! - 01/21/09 09:09 PM

I thought I'd share a real life experience with the forum.
Without getting too specific, I had told a male member of my family that he couldn't have something he wanted, and that I was going to throw it away.
I turned my back on him, to go throw it away. Foolsih, I know, but I underestimated how enraged he had become. As I went down the hallway, he rushed up behind me, and punched me as hard as he could in the kidneys! I was shocked and stunned, and he took this opportunity to leap on my back, and sink a rear naked choke! At this point, I recovered from my surprise, and managed to drag him with me out into the living room. I dropped to a knee, and threw him over my back onto the couch. He sprang up and came at me again, but I managed to put him over my knee and give him a brutal spanking.
The "attacker" was my 5 year old son. We've since had a good talk about methods of controlling his temper, and that next time he needs to put the hooks in to keep from getting thrown.
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Re: Attacked! - 01/22/09 03:06 AM

Well, hooks in or not a 5yr old is not going to be able to hold a choke on a full grown man,lol.

Good job on the spanking and the talk.

For anyone here who wishes to berate you for apanking your son, well, they probably need a good spanking too!
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Re: Attacked! - 01/22/09 07:33 AM

Jamoni -

I've got your son up by a point. Better striking, and the RNC. You did get a point for the throw, though. Your son FTW!
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Re: Attacked! - 01/22/09 07:37 AM

As a person who worked with children (12 years), I would say you handled the incident brilliantly.

I am only concerned with what happened in the year or so before that. He learned those things from you, but you didn't seem to have success in explaining where and on who they are to be used.

I think he knows now!
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Re: Attacked! - 01/22/09 09:04 AM

My husband, who only did one 3 month session of MA, occasionally makes the mistake of playfighting with our 8 and 10 year old sons. It always ends badly; usually for my husband.

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Re: Attacked! - 01/22/09 03:58 PM

I guess you got your point over and hopefully he won't try that again when he bigger and stronger. You did a good job controlling yourself and only spanked him. My question Is spanking something new for you guys?

Being a man that was brought up with corporal punishment from a young age until teen. As a 18 year old 1st kyu my Mom wanted me to wash dishes so that my kid sister could do home work. I didn't want to she playful used a mop to guide me toward the sink, I blocked and trapped the mop. She got angry and told me to release it, I did. She cracked me across my shoulders I fell to my knees (purposely so she would quit) she grab me an hugged me. And I got up and washed those dishes. The point I'm making was never did I think could I have taken her most likely, but did I want my Mom mad at me over dishes. No! Though bigger and probably stronger I never would have tried to really attacker her because I loved her and respected her from a little Lad to a grow a$$ 5th degree Black belt now. And I damn sure would not have tried to fight my Dad (unless he had gone crazy), his motto was I brought you in the world and I'll take you out. Bring your child up in the way that they should go and they will not depart from it.

Your situation turned out good for you I guess. But I wish my 2 grown boys would. I brought them in this world and I'll take them out ;-). Not really but they know better.
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Re: Attacked! - 01/22/09 04:24 PM

I'm not a fan of spanking.

Next time I would suggest getting out of the RNC and transitioning to an armbar. That'll teach him.

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Re: Attacked! - 01/23/09 08:51 AM

I hope that won't happen to me with my 3 year old daughter..she is actually good in punching on his age.

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Re: Attacked! - 01/24/09 10:08 AM

yeah, the armbar part sounds nice ^^
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Re: Attacked! - 02/08/09 11:40 PM

That incident occured more than a year ago, and we haven't had any repeats. After tempers cooled, (and without him getting what he wanted), we sat down and had a good talk about what happened. In the time since, I've worked with him on controlling his temper. This has included breathing exercises, walking away, and roleplaying more appropriate problem solving.
Yes, he did learn those things from me. We play fight a lot, and he has learned quite a bit of actual technique that way. Since he's shown a little more growth, I've begun working with him on wrestling and a little boxing.
Black Paladin, he's a good kid, no problems with other kids. He knows that he should only use his "moves" for self defense or when practicing with me. Frankly, I think the fact that it was ME, and he was used to interacting with me on that level, is the only reason he did what he did. Like I said, we haven't had any repeats, and hopefully won't.
Thanks for the input, just wanted to lighten things up a little.
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Re: Attacked! - 01/24/10 01:11 AM

As a follow up, I've been working with my boy on both his fighting skills and his conflict resolution skills. I'm more than proud to say that he is doing brilliantly in both. He's had a few run ins with bullies at his school that he has handled well, and without violence. Well, there was ONE time where 3 kids were pushing around a smaller one, and he got 2 of his friends to go help, but only after he'd told the teacher and she'd been to busy to help. I was okay with his decision. smile
I've done exercises with him on conscious breathing, and other methods of getting his emotions under control.
I've also got him sticking those legs in when he takes my back. smile
His technical skills are pretty impressive for a seven year old. He can box and wrestle fairly well, knows several basic wrist locks, and seems to have an affinity for muay thai. All I know is, if I let him get me in any kind of clinch, I need to be watching for knees.
His takedowns are top notch, and a couple of times he's managed to take me down without my consent. Notably, he shot in on a single leg, and when I started to hit a whizzer, he headbutted me in the crotch and switched to a navy. I fell down.
All in all, I'm pleased to have such a good kid. He makes me proud in every way. He even gets good grades. smile
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Re: Attacked! - 01/28/10 07:32 AM

My 3 year old has some anger issues at times.At this age there little and its kinda funny when they snap but, some day they wont be.

Anyway i think the kid deserves a rematch.sounds like you used the hallway to your advantge,if he could have rolled you it was over,open mat he would have got you to tap.:)
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Re: Attacked! - 01/31/10 12:18 AM

He got his revenge today. We were playing around, and I did a duck under. He just skipped his near leg back and launched a monster knee to my solar plex. Well, as monster as a 7 year old gets. He got a satisfying "OOF." out of it. Then he tried to sink a guillotine. smile