Walking away

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Walking away - 04/02/05 04:13 PM

When: Summer '92. Where: Wood shop. This fat white kid who was a grade under than I did not like me for some reason. I wasn't a big fan of his either since he was loud and obnoxious. Anyway, nearing the end of one of our classes, he asks loudly, "does anyone have a calculator I could borrow?" I ignored him until I felt like being nice, so I checked my folder but my calculator was missing. Put two and two together. I was pissed but it was just a $1 calculator. Ok, fast forward to the end of the school year. We had a project together making napkin holders. Mine was obviously a work of art while his was trash. I saw him get his grade and then looked for mine, but could not find it. I looked in our locker and only saw his napkin holder. So I figured he passed mine off as his. Instead of getting an F I brought his up, which got me a C. Mine was on the top of a filing cabinet and I saw that it had gotten an A. I was proud enough of my work to care much about my actual grade, but the kid was an asshole and I was going to intimidate him into a fight. After school, I waited around the corner of a liquor store. As I saw him walking by, I came out and shoved him in the chest with one hand, making him fall to the ground. I did this again the next day but he had a couple friends with him, a short fat mexican who I thought I was friends with and a skinny guy that I hated. He took off, but the fat friend challenged me, and the skinny kid egged him on. I just kept quiet but they walked with me. I had no beef with them and was pretty confident it'd be a 2 on 1 kind of deal. That's not a smart thing to get into, but I kept ready just in case I had to. The whole mile long walk back to my house, they never touched me. This was a new school in a new town, and I wanted to stay clean as far as fighting went.
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Re: Walking away - 04/06/05 07:49 AM

live and let live, man.