Ko-do Ryu Weekend - 28-29th Oct '06 Mons, Belgium

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Ko-do Ryu Weekend - 28-29th Oct '06 Mons, Belgium - 09/24/06 02:20 PM

Sat 28th - Sun 29th Oct 2006
Mons, Belgium

An open weekend seminar focusing on the kata and applications practised under the Ko-do Ryu system. Including:
Pushing Hands - Contact Sensitivity
Naihanchin - Grappling/Chin-Na
Rokushu - Grip Escapes
Miyagi Sanchin - Holistic Exercise
Uechi Sanchin - Basic Sai Training
Seisan/Sanseirui - Advanced Sai Training

Conducted by Nathan Johnson and hosted by Gary McGlone of Ko-do Ryu Belgium.

Cost (non-members): 40/55 per day
Cost (members): TBC

Accommodation costs per night
Choice of three places to stay

1) Lido Hotel
Single room: 86 (about 60)
Double room: 114 (about 80)

Breakfast: 6 per person
The rooms have tv and bathroom/ shower and bath.

2) Infotel Hotel
Single room: 65 (about 42)
Double room: 73
Triple room: 103,50
Quadruple room: 116

Breakfast costs 8,50 per person
The rooms have tv and shower etc.

3) Youth Hostel (with four maximum in room)

Minimum 2 people in a room costs
16,60 per night per person (about 11 per person per night)

The rooms have four beds with their own shower and toilet.
Breakfast is included.

All three hotels are central with the main square and dojo about 10 mins maximum walk.