1st UK FA Forum Martial Arts Seminar !

Posted by: shoshinkan

1st UK FA Forum Martial Arts Seminar ! - 03/17/06 09:30 AM

Saturday 13th May, a hall very near Dartford Train Station

12-4pm - Cost 5 per person

3 sessions of 1 hour, Gavin King on PPs, John King on Knife defense, Jim Neeter on Okinawan Shorin Ryu. (exact final content to be discussed with those coming).

1/2 hour break to chat, proberly a quick meal locally afterwards.

Min age 16 to attend.

All styles and expierience most welcome, places prioritised for FA Forum members but guests most welcome to, according to space limits which is about 20 max.

Its fair when organising these things to operate on a pre payment system, it takes the risk out and brings costs down for all, if you are serious about coming pm me and I will send you my details - the 3 instructors and McSensei (Local organiser) will not pay the 5, unless we need to.............! Any additional money ove rthe hall hire to be spent on beer and food afterwards, no profit to be made by anyone.