What Book are you reading?

Posted by: Dobbersky

What Book are you reading? - 11/26/13 10:31 AM


Just wondering what Book are you reading?

This is a continual thread as we all read books, well most of us do, LOL

At present I'm reading 2 books

Complete Book of Jukado Self-defence - Bruce Tegner


Extreme Unarmed Combat - Martin J. Dougherty


so wondering what you are reading at the moment and it doesn't have to be a martial arts book
Posted by: Dobbersky

Re: What Book are you reading? - 11/29/13 11:00 AM

<tumbleweed drifts by>
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Re: What Book are you reading? - 04/27/14 12:15 PM

That's actually a tough question. I'm not reading any right now but there have been some books that have helped me along the way depending on what I was going through at the time. Read some Japanese history books and a number of Tokaido Road books including Lucia St. Clair, Kaempfer's Japan and Morton Olenik's Japan it's history and culture. Got a great perspective from those. Read most/all? Lowery's books but that was a while ago. 75 down blocks was good then I got into the "why" and read hidden karate which lead to Shotokan's secrets. Went through E.J. Harrison's Fighting Spirit book which led to Martial Musings.
I know you asked what are you reading now, but past books got me where I am now.
I loved Musashi, his life and writings and 100 years ago, NINJA by Erik van Lustbander. Unfortunately I haven't read many old Japanese books on martial arts.
How about a recommendation of say....2 books!