Big tree trunk as target

Posted by: tyciol

Big tree trunk as target - 08/03/15 10:22 PM

Does anyone do this? I got tired of throwing kicks in the air and began aiming at a tree. I don't impact hard, but it's just nice to have something to slow me down a bit and provide some different stimulation. Also gives me something to look at and by looking at knots and stuff I have a better idea of how high I'm kicking, something I never got when kicking the air.

It also kinda lets me stall and lean against the tree, and I can alter how much I lean into a kick by how far my base leg is from the tree.

No way of kicking it hard without risking injury though so I'd still like to get a heavy bag some day. I had a ground-standing one but they fall too easily, think a hanging one is better but hard to set up.