POLL: Hapkido and arts influenced by Hapkido.

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POLL: Hapkido and arts influenced by Hapkido. - 03/30/07 04:07 PM

I have threaded here in the past about Hapkido and the arts associated with it. I just thought I would put this up, seemed like a natural thing to do.

If you study Hapkido, or any of the arts that have been influenced by it, then please complete the poll. If you fill in other, please feel free to say what you have trained in.

NB I am aware of the origins of some of these arts, such as Hwa Rang Do & Kuk Sool Won, are disputed. However, the creators of all the arts here have studied Hapkido, and it clearly has had an influence on their art. As such, for the sake of this poll, I am considering them as being arts that are derived from Hapkido (if not entirely, then at least in a sizeable part).
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Our Taekwondo was heavily influenced with Hapkido; what type I could not tell you. Self defense for sure with a lot of joint manipulation. Throws, trips, sweeps and falling techniques with grappling. This has all of course progress with further influences from JJJ, BJJ and some MMA.
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Re: POLL: Hapkido and arts influenced by Hapkido. - 03/30/07 05:40 PM

My AKK instructor was also black belt level in both TKD and Hapkido, so we learned bits and pieces of it. But I do not know specifically what style it was.
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Re: POLL: Hapkido and arts influenced by Hapkido. - 03/30/07 08:08 PM

I have the 24 volume Hwa rang do video course. Does that count as studying Hwa rang do?
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Re: POLL: Hapkido and arts influenced by Hapkido. - 05/30/07 03:43 PM

I was trained in TKD (Kukkiwon) Hapkido (heavily influenced by Tomiki Aikijujitsu) and Kyokushinkai in the 70's by Grandmaster Dr. Dae Shik Kim...while he was a Professor at UT Austin. .at the time I was Dr. Kim's senior student....Dr. Kim was trained by Tomiki in Aikijujitsu and had about 110 tech. all practical in application.
TW Tex.
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Re: POLL: Hapkido and arts influenced by Hapkido. - 05/30/07 05:18 PM

Welcome to the forums Thorne, it is always a pleasure to have a new perspective on the site.
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im 1st dan in hapkido and from what i know my master Jameel.A.Hussain told me hapkido was founded by Jae Nam Myong so wat kind of hapkido is this cause i hear some ppl say it was discovered by someone else so im kinda confused and i already that there are other types of hapkido so which one is this im really curious and confused.
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Re: POLL: Hapkido and arts influenced by Hapkido. - 06/02/07 03:33 PM

Hapkido was founded by Choi Yong Sul when he returned to Korea after WW2 from Japan, where he spent about 30 years learning some form of Aikijujutsu.
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Any serious Hapkido Player can tell you who is considered the original founder. There are a few people out there who have tried to take credit, but it is to late to BS a large portion of the HKD community. If you really want to learn about HKD then visit HKD forums. http://www.hapkidoforum.com/index.php
Try this one. There are some very knowledgeable people here. As for our origin, past Choi there are several great practitioners that have taken HKD to the next level and that is kinda where the list came from. As for myself, my Gm studied under Choi for a long time, but received his 9th dan under Ji. The HKD my Gm teaches is his flavor, his interpretation so I would have to check other. The basic/core techniques and principles of HKD are pretty much the same where ever you go. It is each teachers interpretation and preference of execution of techniques that differ.
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Re: POLL: Hapkido and arts influenced by Hapkido. - 07/12/07 12:44 PM

The list doesn't include some of the biggest groups. Some listed are kwans. Some are organizations.

You really should include the KHF or its preceeding organizations the Korea Hapkido Association and the Republic of Korea Hapkido Association as they were by far the largest organizations. Many of the Kwans descend from here.

The biggest early players were Ji's Sung Moo Kwan (KHA), Kim Moo Hong's Shin Moo Kwan (Korean Hapkido Association) and Myong Jae Nam's (Hapki Association). They joined to make the Rep of Korea HKD Assoc for a while.


The earliest group was the one founded by Suh Bok Sup's Yu Sool Kwan.

The Mool Sool Kwan was founded by Won Kwang-Hwa who was a student of Suh's, then Choi then taught at Kim Moo Hong's school.

The Kido Association was another important organization fournded by Choi and eventually taken control of by the Kuk Sool Kwan group which descended from the original Kuk Sool Kwan of the KHA.

Kim Jung Yoon who had the senior most position under Choi in the original Kido Assoc. Later founded his own art called han pul.

If we were making a list for the early kwans from which other schools descend I'd say:

Yu Sool Kwan
Sung Moo Kwan
Shin Moo Kwan (Kim Moo Hong's)
Moo Sool Kwan


Korea Kido Assoc.-Dae Han Hapkido Hoe- (Choi, Ji, Kim Jung Yoon, Suh In-Hyuk and his brother Seo In-Sun)

Korea Hapkido Assoc. -Dae Han Hapkido Hyub Hoe-(Ji, Oh Se-lim, Choi Sea-oh, Kim Chong Sung, Myung Kwang-Sik, Han Bong Soo, Kim Myong Yong, Myung Jae Nam, Jung Won Sun, Kim Yong-Jin, Hwang In-Shik)

Korean Hapkido Association -Han Kuk Hapkido Hyub Hoe- Kim Moo Hong

Korean Hapki Association - Later the IHF- although Myung Jae Nam was a student of Ji's he helped form his own very large association which was directly influenced by Japanese aikido. Later he founded the less influential Hankido.

Han Mu Do is Kimm He-Young's group who was taught by Won Kwang-hwa and Ji Han Jae. He also trained with In-Hyuk Suh and represented Kuk Sool Won. He combined his knowledge of Bi-Sool, hapkido judo and kuk sool together to make Han Mu Do.

Recent light has come upon two school which claim to harken back to the orginal teachings of Choi before the curriculum was greatly enlarged by Ji Han Jae, Kim Moo-Hong and Myung Jae Nam:

Jung Ki Kwan - Lim Hyun-Soo
Yong Sul Kwan - Kim Yun-Sang
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Re: POLL: Hapkido and arts influenced by Hapkido. - 11/04/07 03:10 PM

I just wanted to add another style that is heavily influenced by Hapkido. It is called Hapmudo and was founded by Grandmaster Yong Sung Lee. It is a mixed martial art that is still very focused on traditional aspects. The website is: http://www.hapmudo.net/ -- On a side note, I have been studying this style for around three years now and I really like it. Hope this helps ^_^.
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Re: POLL: Hapkido and arts influenced by Hapkido. - 07/18/10 05:57 AM

I wanted to drop in here and talk about Hapkido little. The reason alot really dont have stong understanding of Hapkido as in where or who it came from is since they do not really have alot of Linage.

This is my Linage

choi yung sool
Ji Han-Jae
Lee, Yong Ho
Ahn Hyun Whan
Ty Hatfield

Ahn Hyun Whan
4 time World Asian Heavyweight Thai Boxing Champion
10th dan Hapkido
7th dan Jyck Tuki/ Thai Boxing

Im working on my 4th Dan in Hapkido and work all over the world teaching semenars and classes. The big issue with Hapkido in Korea is that when they started selling the belts my Master left them. I think also interesting that alot come from Taekwondo based and if you go back look here It was from Japan and was alot more.

this main place to start:

When you look at what hapkido came from it is as the name Cordinated energy or power way, so it means the comming together it was very Ryu based.

Ty Hatfield
WJMF Director of Techneques USA
Won Jin Hapkido
USA Wrestling Director of Grappling Utah
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Re: POLL: Hapkido and arts influenced by Hapkido. - 06/11/11 09:54 PM

I know Ha Mu Do was also heavily influenced