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Olympics - 08/10/00 08:00 PM

Are there any forum members attending the Olympics next month? Or how about living in a country where the Judo events will be televised? I'd be interested in hearing about any events that you see.
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Re: Olympics - 07/30/01 08:45 PM

I have a hard enough time trying to find out when they are going to show them on tv here in the States.I've only seen Judo twice and TaeKwonDo once.And I hear that this time they will have karate,I believe that the World Karate federation is the head of that one.I do want to ask you a question though.Do you know of any good Judo instructional tapes and maybe where I can purchase them?
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Re: Olympics - 08/01/01 09:53 PM

The videos I know about are listed at http://judoinfo.com/video1.htm