"Shinan" Sharpe and Sekai-Ryu

Posted by: jujutsutampa

"Shinan" Sharpe and Sekai-Ryu - 02/17/06 07:20 PM

This message is to inform anyone out there to be aware of an instructor named "Shinan" John Sharpe. He is a self-proclaimed Grandmaster and founder of his own style of Ju-Jutsu (Sekai-Ryu). He is currently trying to recruit anyone in the Sonora area of Mexico to join his dojo. I did some research and there is at least 3 black belts that he claims to hold that have been de-bunked. I contacted the founder of Yamabushi Jujutsu Ryu (an art that Mr. Sharpe claims to hold a 4th Dan in), and he responded by e-mailing Mr. Sharpe and confronting him with the facts: Mr. Sharpe was never a student of Yamabushi Jujutsu, least of all a black belt in the art. His 4th Dan in Miyama Ryu is actually only a 2nd Dan, and his grandmastership is false. I only bring this up because he consistently lied to me for years and I ended up wasting years of my martial arts career looking up to him. This is just a warning for all prospective martial artists to beware of the phonies.
If you do a search on either Mr. Sharpe or Sekai-Ryu, you will find his webpage, and that should be enough to prove his fraudulent claims. I have decided to make it my goal to show Mr. Sharpe for what he is...a liar.