Mat work

Posted by: JKogas

Mat work - 04/05/03 03:33 PM

For all the judoka among us, how much time do you allot to mat work? Also, do you train without the gi?

Posted by: Cato

Re: Mat work - 04/06/03 01:56 PM

I wouldn't profess to be a committed or experienced judoka, I prefer ju jutsu, but I've always found that when I've practised judo it has been mainly as randori, and ground work occurs "naturally" as a result. Aside from learning the actual techniques, I don't think I can recall any time being specifically and exclusively used for ground fighting, or for that matter for throwing.. Ne waza is just a part of judo, it comes under the umbrella of randori and is practised when it arises.

Posted by: JKogas

Re: Mat work - 04/06/03 03:50 PM

What amount of time is actually alloted to judo mat work after a throw has been executed? I heard it was 30 seconds or so. I could be wrong...I'm not a judoka.

Posted by: Geoff

Re: Mat work - 04/06/03 06:34 PM

Hi JKogas,

I have some experience of coaching National and international competitors, as well as competing myself for many years.
We practice drills on the floor as warm up exercises and as part of our skill training programme using locks, rolls, turnovers and shime's, we also practice links from tachi waza(standing) to newaza (ground work)the amount of time allowed by British referees for positive ground attacks is less than 30 seconds and so links are vitally important, the hold or lock needs to be on prior to you hitting the floor in order to secure an effective pin if possible. We also practice probably 50% mat work in a free practice situation, i.e. with a competitive partner.

Newaza accounts for a high percentage of contest wins in all domestic and international events, ignore it at your peril, we also do similar with tachi waza.

Hope this is helpful

Posted by: immrtldragon

Re: Mat work - 08/13/03 12:51 PM

I'm posting a little late but I just realized this was here. My club actually practices ne waza about 50% of the time as well. Usually, we warm up with ne waza and usually end up with 3-6 fights about 3-6 minutes long per practice (ne waza only). Saturdays are the best for ne waza, practice lasts as long as you feel like staying and fighting; also, there are usually an abundance of wrestlers/ex-wrestlers who show up to I love Saturdays. Saturdays are usually such a good workout I need all day Sunday to recover.