24/7 school

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24/7 school - 05/27/04 04:19 PM

Hi. I am looking for a school where I can train in katana sword fighting. I dont mind where in the world it is or if I have to learn other skills as well but I am not very experienced in any skills really. I only know english as a language which dont help much. I was hoping that somone could tell me names of some schools or there websites. O and when I say schools I dont mean lessions, I mean like a place to train at for long time like a camp. Well I hope you can help.
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Re: 24/7 school - 05/28/04 05:03 AM

I dont know of any my self I am looking for a academy/school around england. So if somone could help i would be thankful
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Re: 24/7 school - 05/28/04 06:17 AM

There are many school's in the UK
Go to http://www.kendo.org.uk/clubs.shtml
Look for Iaido schools
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Re: 24/7 school - 05/28/04 09:53 AM

That site is all well and good for lessions but I am looking for somthing where you "live" there for some time and learn the skill why you are there. so if you know any of those please post.
Posted by: Charles Mahan

Re: 24/7 school - 06/14/04 11:49 AM

I know it's possible, but couldn't begin to tell you how to get started, to join a Zen Monastery in Japan. You will of course need to be accepted into the Monastery and then use your free time to find an instructor in Japan under whom you can study.

I know it can be done, because it has been done, but as I mentioned before, I haven't the foggiest idea what to tell you as to where to start. If you're looking for something in this country, you aren't gonna find it, and if you do it's probably a cult and you should run away as fast as you can.