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specific styles - 05/25/04 10:08 PM

Hey every one. I've been looking into several different arts and I've found that there are specific styles of a certain, well, style. Spacificly I'm looking for a specific styles of Jujutsu and Kenjutsu.
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Re: specific styles - 05/25/04 10:17 PM

What style are you looking for?
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Re: specific styles - 05/26/04 05:26 PM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by laf7773:
What style are you looking for?[/QUOTE]

A grappling style and/or a style using joint-locks and strikes.
Maybe a combination of the three.
In Kenjutsu maybe Iado or Iajutsu.

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Re: specific styles - 05/26/04 09:54 PM

There is a style that is strictly grappling while wearing one or two swords but i forget the name. I doubt you will be able to find someone who teaches it, i haven't seen it in a long time. You could however study all three, kenjutsu, iaido and jujutsu. After some training you could try incorperating the sword into your jujutsu training.
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Re: specific styles - 05/26/04 10:53 PM

Do a search for daisho sabaki or jutaijutsu. There are several variations of grappling WITH the sword or both swords. I believe most are being taught in Bujinkan ninjutsu, depending one who your instructor is. This might be a very viable alternative for you. There are several Bujinkan dojos around and they teach what may be the closest to the samurai arts you will find in one school. They cover all ranges of ground fighting, joint locks, throws, striking and weapons. The sword arts of the Bujinkan is on par with any other school i've seen.

Don't think of ninjutsu as the ninja stuff you see in the movies. It is a very effective art and grounded in principles that work.