Show Katana? Real Katana?

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Show Katana? Real Katana? - 05/18/04 07:16 AM

I am practicing swordmanship and have been trying to get a real Katana. I have been practicing the wooden sword for three years. But I keep finding fake Katana's!!! HELP!!!
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Re: Show Katana? Real Katana? - 05/18/04 07:50 AM
You can get good quality katana here. Your instructor should be able to help you find one. You do have an instructor right? You can get iaido starting at about $300 and katana starting at about$5000.
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Re: Show Katana? Real Katana? - 05/27/04 04:09 AM

Are you looking for a Shinken (live blade) for cutting or an Iaito (practice blade) for training? Display swords are neither of these.....
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Re: Show Katana? Real Katana? - 05/28/04 03:23 PM

you can look at samurai source , a new site for samurai swords and katanas in a range of qualities/uses, some very cheap too.
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Re: Show Katana? Real Katana? - 12/13/04 03:00 PM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Inu-Yasha-Anime-Girl:
Ican help you but i need to know where you live first, ive you dont mind[/QUOTE]
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Re: Show Katana? Real Katana? - 12/13/04 06:00 PM

I'd suggest Angelsword. They are by far the most expensive, but come with a "kingdom-come" warranty (void after Armeggedon) against all reasonable misuse.

By the way, we need either an article or stickied post of approved sword dealers so we don't simply have to answer this question four times a week.

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Re: Show Katana? Real Katana? - 12/15/04 09:24 AM

Angelsword is ok, unless you are looking for a weapon of traditional manufacture and mounting. You can find very high quality training weapons at and that will be considerably less expensive than Angelsword and considerably more traditional in make and fittings.
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Re: Show Katana? Real Katana? - 12/16/04 10:10 PM

should you be training with a real sword after 3 years? keep in mind i don't mean this as an offense to your skill, but i have never taken a sword style and was just wondering how long an average student trains for before allowed to train with a real sword. I mean, giving someone a real sowrd is like trusting someone with your life as far as i am concerned.

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Re: Show Katana? Real Katana? - 12/18/04 04:24 AM

I think he means to acquire one for self practice. Not sparring. You have to remember that even practice swords like bokkens could kill somebody if misused. Another reason for acquiring a real blade is that you can use it for cutting much better then any other blade, like an Iaito.