Posted by: Flame_Swordsman

A LITTLE ADVICE - 04/09/03 11:39 PM

hello i am interested in the art of the sword and i was just wondering if som1 could giv me a little acvice to wer to start i hav no clue were i can go to find a trainer or what kind of art i want to do if u could please just giv a litle advice or some info it would be of great help thanks
Posted by: monk

Re: A LITTLE ADVICE - 04/25/03 10:43 AM

If you're interested in Iaido, you can try the North American Sanshinkai (of which I am a member). The head instructor of the organization, Shihan Roger Wehrhahn, holds frequent seminars (depending on your location, this may be an option), and also recently released an excellent instructional video on the art- you can get that at his website www.mountainteachings.com (his seminar schedule is also posted there). Hope this helps...