Dojo locations in CA?

Posted by: Acachula

Dojo locations in CA? - 11/13/02 11:00 PM

HEllo to everyone in here, I am a newbie who has just acquired a great passion for kenjuttsu learning, and a strong will to learn kendo but I dont know where to find any swordsmanship Dojo around, could anybody gimme a hand with that please?

thank you
Posted by: Jeff Harris

Re: Dojo locations in CA? - 02/22/03 07:03 AM

You might check Shinkendo. I know that there a number of dojos in Cal including the Shinkendo hobu Dojo. For a list check at

Good luck
Posted by: Jeff Harris

Re: Dojo locations in CA? - 02/22/03 07:31 AM

sorry I made a mistake in the web address
it is
Posted by: theoldcelt

Re: Dojo locations in CA? - 06/19/03 01:49 PM

Not sure what part of California you are in but....Torrance, CA has an excellent Kendo club.
Posted by: Kaoru

Re: Dojo locations in CA? - 07/12/03 10:45 PM

Konnichi wa!

For dojos in California, go to the web pages of the Southern California Kendo Federation and of the Northern California Kendo Federation. I don't have the URL for both these sites... Gomen nasai!! But, just type in the name of each Federation in the Yahoo search engine(Or whatever one you like best.), and the page should come up for each one. They each have a listing of dojos in California.

I hope this helps you find a good dojo!