2010 Guelph Spring Iaido and Jodo Seminar

Posted by: KimTaylor

2010 Guelph Spring Iaido and Jodo Seminar - 02/28/10 10:56 AM

Guelph Spring Iaido and Jodo Seminar

Well the tickets are bought, the sensei invited, the rooms booked. The 2010 Guelph Spring Iaido and Jodo Seminar is now well under way, all we need now is for those registration forms to start rolling in.

In the last few years we've had quite a few setbacks to attendance, and that will continue this year as we all deal with the recession and our US friends will need a passport to get back into their own country. While this cuts down a lot on the tourists, the serious budoka continue to visit.

This year we have a special guest in Kishimoto sensei, hanshi hachidan who is head of the iaido section for the ZNKR / FIK. He originally trained in the dojo of Nakayama Hakudo so those who practice Muso Shinden ryu should make an extra effort to come visit. Those who were at the AUSKF seminar last June in Idaho will remember sensei and I'm sure will want to take this chance to practice with him again.

Hatakenaka sensei and Tsubaki sensei will also be teaching iaido, along with Ohmi sensei and Cruise sensei so there will be lots of iaido instruction at the same great ratio of students to instructors we have had for many years.

On the jodo side of things Furukawa sensei and Arai sensei are again visiting to continue our instruction in seitei jodo and koryu. This year they will be joined by Ozeki sensei, Ueda sensei and Sakai sensei. Given that the jodo population is quite a bit smaller than the iaido population, the teacher to student ratio is going to be wonderful.

To check out the seminar go to http://seidokai.ca/iai.seminar.html where you will find links to the registration forms.

Kim Taylor