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Sword Art Links - 05/17/06 05:41 PM

Iaido -


Kendo -


Western sword arts -


Please add good ones. Help the no-sword-knowing-about admin out, folks!
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Re: Links - 05/18/06 12:06 PM

Hey Matt,
Will add links later when I have a chance to go through my list, but I have to say right off the bat that you shouldn't include your link for "kenjutsu" if you are talking about "good" links. That particular link has mostly to do with Sports Chanbara, which is a children's sword game played with foam boffers that too many adults take seriously.

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Fencing -

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Paul is right. Sports chanbara looks like a healthy fun activity, but it's not kenjutsu by pretty much any reasonable measure.
Posted by: MattJ

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My bad. I did not take a real good look at the link like I should have. I had a real hard time finding anything at all on kenjutsu. But that's what YOU guys are for!
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Re: Links - 05/19/06 11:12 AM

Hey Matt,
I'll try and find some time this weekend to put some stuff together for you.
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Re: Sword Art Links - 07/20/06 06:21 PM

Koryu kenjutsu (classical Japanese sword arts)


Gendai kenjutsu (modern Japanese sword arts)

Toyama ryu http://www.webdiva4hire.com/kenshinkan/

Shinkendo http://www.shinkendo.com/main.html

Informative articles about Japanese sword arts (various kinds)

Follow the links to the Iaido Journal. http://www.ejmas.com/

Information about Japanese swords

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All Western Martial Arts links:

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Re: Sword Art Links - 10/06/06 11:11 AM

Articles and videos about Sword Arts
It gives examples of blade constructions, forging techniques and also shows the forging process by video clip.

Chinese Sword
The structure of a chinese sword and nice examples of folded steel.
Chinese Weaponry

Jian Straight Sword History
History of the straight sword in China and includes a picture of King Yue's sword.
Jian History

Japanese Sword History
History and evolution of the Japanese Sword
Japanese Swords
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Re: Sword Art Links - 11/23/06 05:02 AM

I'm not sure, but may be this blog can be interesting for you - Sharblades. I liked it
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Re: Sword Art Links - 07/19/07 09:29 PM

Is anyone here actually in Arma?
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Re: Sword Art Links - 03/06/08 08:37 PM

i think this website has some really good content on wining fights, any one heard of it?
Posted by: fatguy

Re: Sword Art Links - 03/06/08 10:59 PM

I guess the "How to walk away from a fight" section is relevant to iaijutsu, but I am failing to see how the rest is
Posted by: Brian_Stokes

Re: Sword Art Links - 03/27/08 04:01 PM

Add in for Western Martial Arts: www.scholasanmarco.org

Brian Stokes
Posted by: Ikigai

Re: Sword Art Links - 09/09/08 04:21 PM

I think I have a few that might interest other readers. The first is a great retail place (no affiliation to myself) - http://www.e-bogu.com. Very high quality equipment for all sword arts.

The second is a series of articles by author Dave Lowry - http://www.koryu.com/library/authors.html#dlowry. Mr. Lowry is an exceptional writer and, by all accounts, a skilled sword practitioner.

The third is my own modest blog - http://www.ikigaiway.com. I write about a lot of sword concepts in conjunction with other martial arts related topics.
Posted by: Steven H

Re: Sword Art Links - 11/11/10 03:59 PM

Boston Area, Medieval German Longsword study - Kunstbruder.
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Re: Sword Art Links - 04/25/18 12:25 PM

Ancient Thai weapon based martial art: Krabi Krabong
Filipino martial art: Espada y Daga