Training while in law enforcement

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Training while in law enforcement - 07/17/03 08:03 AM

I've had an ongoing problem the past year or so and it's kept me in and out of my martial arts training about 3 times already. I work security for a union called Local 177 and I'm also a student at John Jay College. My hours at school are steady, but at work they're not. Because of this, I often can't attend martial arts class. I also know this will continue to happen because I plan to join NYPD soon first as a cadet then as an officer. I know there are many people who are still able to balance being an officer and a martial artist, but how do you do it? Any information would help me greatly because I really do want to train but at the same time I don't want to be spending $75.00 a month for dojo fees while not being able to even progress the right way.
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Re: Training while in law enforcement - 07/17/03 06:05 PM

It is imperative that you become proficient in a martial art if you plan on going into law enforcement. The self confidence alone will help you control situations that might otherwise turn bad without having to resort to use of force. The physical skills will help you control situation where force is the only choice. It's not a matter of finding the time to train, it's a matter of making the time to train.
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Re: Training while in law enforcement - 07/17/03 10:46 PM

It's not that simple though. If I made the time to train, I wouldn't have a job right now and therefore wouldn't eat. You see, when you have a job like that as a security guard or a police officer, a lot of times you can not attend martial arts class because the class is scheduled for the same time you have work. I'm trying to figure out how I can not attend all classes because of that reason, but at the same time somehow still progress at a steady rate.
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Re: Training while in law enforcement - 07/18/03 04:58 PM

Make an arrangement with your instructor.

Train on your own.

Train with others who you work with.

Just some thoughts.

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Re: Training while in law enforcement - 07/18/03 05:22 PM

My sensei is also a detective in the NYPD so I think that'll be the next step I try. Thanx.
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Re: Training while in law enforcement - 07/28/03 01:17 AM

Hi there,

There really is no problem...yes do to your schedule perhaps the evening hours are difficult & no-one likes not being able to maximize their monthly dues.

The answer as to how other martial artists in law enforcement are able to train is by recognizing that what they are doing is investing in something that's going to increase their odds of survival, enhance their ability to protect the public & give them a greater chance of returning home to their friends and loved ones.

If these things are improtant to you, then you pay for private lessons in addition to the group lessons. When you can't make it to class you take some time out of that day to practise what you've learned rather than letting the day go by without any review.

After all it's only about your life and those you've sworn to protect. If it's not worth anything to you...don't bother & hopefully your career will be un-eventful.

If however your life, your family & friends mean something to you...then as with all's up to you to make the time. You'll spend more money than you would have with just monthly dues. But you pick up more in private lessons anyway since the class is tailored specifically towards you. The Group classes give you a chance to deal with people of different sizes & body types.

Make the time...I can't tell you how many of my friends have owed their lives to what they've learned.

Eric L. Bookin
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Re: Training while in law enforcement - 07/31/03 07:59 AM

Also, there's nothing wrong with just taking the time you have available and training by yourself when you can't make it to the Dojo. Granted, you never push yourself as hard as Sensei would, you lose out on the benefits that partners/ opponents bring to your practice, etc. But, when you can't have a meal... Have a sandwich!!!
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Re: Training while in law enforcement - 09/02/03 05:07 AM

I was always told that 90% of training should be done outside of class time.
I will say the hours of a 24 hour employee do mke things tough though. You have my sympathy.

What I used to do (Hard to do now what with cameras and offenders cells everywhere) is durring rounds practice ala shadow box, or find a wall, door way and practice on that. NOTE: This does not work well if you have a day job.
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Re: Training while in law enforcement - 01/03/04 02:24 PM

when you become a cop with the nypd you should definitly have the time to train just try not to pick the 4by12 shift you could do that shift but most classes are at that time Im currently with the nypd it never gets in the way but my wife does lol