K9 saying hi

Posted by: hunterkell

K9 saying hi - 12/16/10 04:07 PM

hey everyone,

been a couple of years since ive been onsite so thought id stop by.

ive been K9 now for 3 years. my german shepherd's name is KIBO (Knowledge In Bravery Out). he was whelped in poland, came thru germany and my pd picked him up stateside.

he is sable and is a great K9. he is social, but will get the job done when needed.

so far, hes had 4 contact apprehensions, quite a few non contacts (suspect surrenders upon sight or announcement of K9).

i think the 1 im most proud of is a man track where KIBO started barking and jumping in the air at a pole barn that was 15-20 years away. he was trying to tell me the suspect was hiding in the attic area. i gave a warning and the suspect surrendered.

i thought he was hiding in the ground floor!

taught me a lot, especially since it was a fleeing suspect w/firearm call.

im having lots of fun

just thought id stop by and say hi
Posted by: Mark Jordan

Re: K9 saying hi - 12/19/10 10:56 PM

Dogs are amazing. The saying, 'A dog is a mans best friend!'is true. My dogs always know when I am down or upset. They make me feel better after a long frustrating day by just putting their head in my lap and then won't leave me alone until I play fetch with them

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story.
Posted by: Kathryn

Re: K9 saying hi - 12/20/10 01:10 PM

Please give KIBO a pat on the head for me!
Posted by: hunterkell

Re: K9 saying hi - 12/24/10 01:45 PM

mj, k9's are a little different. kibo bit me several times b4 we worked things out. all these GSDs are alpha. so u kinda have to prove (humanely) who the boss is. once that is over u can then buddy up and bond. i was told it takes a cupla years to get a good k9 team bonded and i found its true. and even tho were a team now, kibo still everynow and then pushes things to see if he can step in and run th show....id rather have him like that then submissive so its all good.
oh and thanks for the welcome. ive been gone awhile.

k, i pat him every day, rain or shine, sick or health, he gets lots of attention....i feed him supper by hand every day.
Posted by: Fletch1

Re: K9 saying hi - 03/29/11 03:13 PM


I just logged in for the first time in.... well, a long time. Got your message. Great work with the K9 gig. It kind of takes over. My hat is off to you.

Hope you are well.

Posted by: hunterkell

Re: K9 saying hi - 05/07/11 07:28 PM

Thanks F
your are right. and things are great as k9. its a lot of fun and very challenging.
hope ur doing well.