Pai He Quan - Naifanchi

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Pai He Quan - Naifanchi - 06/10/02 03:36 AM

Is this a Pai He Quan quan?

The moves seem alot like what is seen on tsuruken's site.

Tsuruken - Hakutsuru may mean white swan as well.
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Re: Pai He Quan - Naifanchi - 06/10/02 07:47 PM

Naifanchi or as it is known on Okinawa "Naifuanchi" is a Crane form arising from the Bai Qui Ban Bai Hequan (Half Hillock Half White Crane Boxing)style where it is known as Neixi ("Inside Knee") referring to the Nami-gaeshi returning wave kick seen in the form. In the Fuzhou dialect it is pronounced as "Nohanchi".
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Re: Pai He Quan - Naifanchi - 06/10/02 07:50 PM

White Swan is a term first coined by Don Lucas who wrote an article on Soken Hohan for Black Belt magazine around 1969 I think.

"Hakutsuru" is actually a silly term as no Crane-Stylist I know of uses this term preferring to use Crane Fist instead.Glad to hear you liked the tape. It mainly has our SHo or minor versions of the kata on it so I am now filming the full or Dai version and will send this to you very soon including a from known as Lin Wan He Shou (Continious Crane Hands) from the Lio Family of Taiwan (mainly Feeding Crane).

I am the 2nd only ever Westerner to gain entry to the Lio Chin Long and Lio Yin Shan family Paihequan Wuyangkuan family art taught in Taichung, Taiwan. You can see some of their techniques on our web site under the "Techniques" section!

A word to you regarding Bai He. Bai He is the more commonly accepted Chinese term for White Crane. It along with Pak Hok, etc are common terms used to denote anything that vaguely resembles "White Crane" in a similar fashion to the "Hakutsuru" term seen in the Okinawan and Japanese traditions.The correct term is the little known and used "Paihequan" which means Crane-Fist Style. The "Pai" or as it is pronounced "Paai" refers to a elite group of individuals who study the art not a common or "open" school of study. This is the term given to me by Lio Chin Long and Lio Yin Shan of the Paihequan Wuyankuan of Taiwan (a family art encompassing all crane-fist!). The pronounciation is: "Pie Her Hwan" and or "Pie Her Chew-Wan". "Tsuruken" is the Okinawan equivalent of Paihequan.

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