Kensei Kata

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Kensei Kata - 08/30/07 04:43 PM

Does anyone know of a kata called "Kensei"? Is there a DVD or YouTube video of this form?

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Re: Kensei Kata - 10/31/07 04:38 PM

does kensei mean fist? or is that seiken? cause I have seen other japanesse words been changed around. ex. shihan/hanshi
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Re: Kensei Kata - 11/06/07 12:54 PM

Or do you mean "Gensei"? Since that is a karate style that was developed after WW2 by an Okinawan called Seiken Shukumine, which has some unique kata, not to be found in mainstream styles.
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Re: Kensei Kata - 12/15/07 09:23 PM

I'm not sure what "Kensei" means or even if that is the proper spelling. All I know is that it is the name of a Kata.

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Re: Kensei Kata - 12/16/07 12:05 AM

It might help if you posted the link
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Re: Kensei Kata - 12/16/07 02:26 AM

'Kensei: Sacred Fist' was a very good fighting game on the PS1, outside of that context, I have never heard reference to 'kensei' on here.
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Does anyone know of a kata called "Kensei"? Is there a DVD or YouTube video of this form?


The kata is on the list of this website

Might be worth while e-mailing them or going in to detail a bit more. Where did you hear of it and what are the other spellings?

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Re: Kensei Kata - 12/16/07 10:51 AM

I would venture to say that the Kensei Kata is a creation of this organizations founder.
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Re: Kensei Kata - 12/20/07 09:36 PM

I'd found the Shidokan website, but got no response. My instructor, Charles Minter of Atlanta, learned this kata in the 1970s...not entirely sure who he learned it from whether it was another student or his teacher, Master Yoo Jin Kim.

I've never seen it, and I don't know that my instructor remembers it all.

Thanks for everyone's help,
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Re: Kensei Kata - 03/14/09 05:46 PM

Kensei is an old karate kata, that im learning this weekend.
Its name is derivated from Mabuni KENwa, that as you know is one of the biggest names around karate. It Has a lot of movements with yours hands open and it isnt easy nor short.
Hope i could help
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Re: Kensei Kata - 10/07/11 12:38 PM

Martial Arts International (MAI), formerly USKO in California teaches a kata called Kensei. It is similar to Shorin Ryu Wankan/Okan. USKO style came from Hawaii from Nishioka Sensei and is Wado-Ryu based.

Kensei means either "sword saint" or "fist saint". Myamoto Musashi was called "Kensei".
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Re: Kensei Kata - 12/28/11 10:59 AM

IS this a Sword Kata, formulated by Mushashi Miyamoto with the use of 2 swords or 1 sword and 1 Bokken?
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Re: Kensei Kata - 04/05/16 05:22 PM

Art there any videos of this kata?