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Special Selections is proud to offer these special selections for descriminating martial artists.

(Hardcover, 894 pages)

Two Volume Set
$185.00 US
(+$10 Shipping within US)

Martial Arts Of The World:
An Encyclopedia, Vol. 1 & 2

Thomas A. Green, Editor
FAS 3010
Published by: ABC-Clio, Inc.

A two volume master work encyclopedia reference covering major martial arts systems of the world that includes in depth coverage of both physical components of combat and strategy along with philosophy and tradition. Nearly 100 A-Z entries, complemented by cross references written by noted experts and practitioners and edited by noted folklorist and anthropologist, Thomas A. Green. A must for every serious martial arts library, and for those wanting a reliable reference source on the martial arts.

(Paperback, 200 pages, with illustrations and glossary)

(+$5 Shipping with the US)

Karate Kyohan
by Tadashi Nakamura, 9th dan, founder of World Seido Karate
FAS 5500

(This book is not generally available in stores)

A FightingArts four star selection. While this book covers obligatory subjects such as stances, techniques and kata, it is also distinguished by the unique insights and innovations pioneered by this world renowned karate-ka. Nakamura offers exceptionally rich discussion and explanation of the concept of karate do and its meaning and significance as a way of life. Principles behind kata are noted and a unique set of intermediary one and two man exercises are explained that serve students by providing a natural bridge between basics and freefighting. Included are sets of self-defense techniques and strategy against kicks that introduces the concept of circularity and angular movement useful in freefighting.

(Paperback, 192 p., with illustrations, bibliographical references, and complete glossary/index.)

(+$5 shipping within US)

3 Volume set
FAS 2040

US $55.95
(+$8 shipping within US)

Koryu Bujutsu:
Classical Warrior Traditions Of Japan

Edited by Diane Skoss
Published by Koryu Books
FAS 2020

Just what are the koryu bujutsu, the authentic classical Japanese martial traditions? They are rare in the West, and there's very little reliable information in English. If you're curious, this introduction will help you get started with articles and resources on the martial arts of the Japanese samurai. Inspired by Donn Draeger's work, Skoss' collection of essays draws on the experience and insights of well known writers, researchers and practitioners of the classical arts to introduce the reader to the unique learning environment, meaning and experience of traditional training within the unique social context of Japan -- training designed to transmit combat principles, develop spirit and etiquette. Included is a field guide to many classical arts, which included skills of, jujutsu, kenjutsu (sword), Hojutsu (matchlock musket), sojutsu (spear), iaijutsu (sword drawing) and naginata jutsu (pole with bladed end). Recommended to martial artists with an interest in history and/or those with interest in learning the historical derivations of their art or arts.

(Paperback, 190 p., with illustrations, bibliographical references, and index.)

(+$5 shipping within US)

3 Volume set
FAS 2040

US $55.95
(+$8 shipping within US)

Sword & Spirit:
Classical Warrior Traditions Of Japan, Volume 2

Edited by Diane Skoss
Published by Koryu Books
FAS 2010

The second in a three volume series, Sword & Spirit examines the nature and practices of these classical martial arts, or koryu bujutsu, as practiced today and the ideas behind their development. Also introduced are some of the exceptional practitioners who continue these living traditions. Drawing on the inspiration of Donn Draeger, the book contains a series of essays by well known writers, historians and practitioners. Included also is field guide to many classical arts. Recommended to martial artists with an interest in history and/or those with interest in learning the historical derivations of their art or arts.

(Paperback, 208 p., with 22 illustrations, bibliographical references, and complete glossary/index.)

(+$5 shipping within US)

3 Volume set
FAS 2040

US $55.95
(+$8 shipping within US)

Keiko Shokon:
Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan, Volume 3

Edited by Diane Skoss
Published by Koryu Books
FAS 2030

It is extremely rare that a Westerner can find a knowledgeable and readable source on classical Japanese martial arts that follows in the footsteps of the like of Donn Draeger. This highly readable and insightful book, the third in a three book series, draws on the knowledge and experience of a variety of experts to address the question of the continued relevance of 16th and 17th century Japanese martial arts in the arena of today's martial arts practices. Historians and writers such as Karl F. Friday, Dave Lowry, Ron Beaubien, William Bodiford, Ellis Amdur, George Bristol and Meik and Diane Skoss. These experts and practitioners show how the classical has evolved into the modern arts as kendo and how they exemplify and teach self-discipline, self-development, and help practitioners hone their skills in observation and gain insight to the past -- a distillation that offers much to the modern practitioner. Recommended to martial artists with an interest in history and/or those with interest on learning the historical derivations of their art or arts.


Ultimate Karate
by Takemasa Okuyama, 8th Dan

A unique book by the legendary karate master Takemasa Okuyama, 8th dan, head of the International Karate Association. In this book Okuyama teaches the intricate applications of stances and hand techniques beyond the Heian (Pinan) katas and Tekki Shodan (also known as Naihanshi or Naifuanchi). For the first time a karate master demonstrates karate which encompasses not just punching, kicking and blocking, but throwing, joint locking and wrestling.


From Kata To Competition
by Alex Sternburg & Gary Goldstein

In this book Sensei Alex Sternberg strips away the mystery of kata to teach you the craft - skills that almost anyone can master and utilize. You benefit from his extensive experience as a teacher, coach, competitor and national champion. He covers everything you need to know to build and enhance your skills, and the book is illustrated with more than 400 photographs showing stances, kicks, katas and combination techniques.


Okinawan Karate-Do Goju-Ryu Meibu-Kan
by Meitetsu Yagi, Carl Wheeler, and Brock Vickerson

An historic treasure. This eclectic volume includes many historic gems, such as are photos of Master Meitosku Yagi, insights on the history of karate, and a rare interview and conversations with Dai Sensei Metoku Yagi (Meibu-Kan's founder) about Goju history, the origin of Meibu-Kan and the Yagi family. Additional topics include kata philosophy, famous stories of masters of Okinawan Goju-Ryu, sayings, origins of goju-ryu kata and the meaning of their names, Sanchin and Tensho kata shown through photos and discussions of kumite.


The Classical Man
by Richard Kim

In this volume Kim depicts legendary samurai warriors and karate masters through personal stories that not only bring these people and their history alive, but also teach the philosophy and psychology of the martial arts. A true karate and martial arts classic - a book to be treasured and read over and over.

(168 pages 8-1/2" x 11
228 illustrations, hardcover)


Tales of the Hermit Vol. 1
The Castle in the Rain, and
The Judge

by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook

An original martial arts masterpiece and epic by two authors already famous for their books, "Aikido And The Dynamic Sphere," and "The Secrets Of The Samurai." This thick volume portrays the dramatic adventures and spiritual journey of a Western martial arts pilgrim in 1624, vividly illustrated with stunning, action images. -- of travel amongst various Asian warriors and his encounter with a mysterious group of mountain dwellers -- a pilgrimage that reveals spiritual lessons of life, death and destiny. Central are the mysterious groups own visions of creation, life and death, and spiritual balance as well as two tales revealed through secret scrolls that reveal two martial arts tales that explore the lessons of life, death and destiny.

(320 pages - Paperback)


To-Te Jitsu
by Gichen Funakoshi

Originally an edition book now published in paperback. Funakoshi, often called the father of modern karate, wrote this classic in the 1920's. It was translated from Japanese by Shingo Ishida an award winning translator. The book has hundreds of rare photos of Funakoshi performing techniques in his original form. 320 pa ges of knowledge and information by the founder of karate do.

(240 pages - Paperback)


Bubishi - Martial Art Spirit
by George W. Alexander & Ken Penland

Considered the Bible of all styles of karate this book originated in China and was only recently translated into English. Original copies of the book were valued possessions of many of the founders of early 20th century Okinawan karate. Alexander has done an excellent job in the translation and many of the secrets of the martial arts are finally taught in English for the first time. 180 pages of information just waiting to be discovered.



History And Tradition of Okinawan Karate
by Tetsuhiro Hokama
MBK #119

The roots of karate are in Okinawa and in this work you will see and learn from Sensei Hokama why this is so. Perhaps one of the most important parts of this book is the exceptionally rare photos contained in the book which come from a private museum in Okinawa. 152 pages of pure history and traditions of Okinawan karate.

(110 pages - Paperback )


Kobudo 1 - Okinawan Weapons of Matsu Higa
by Richard Kim 10th dan in Shorinji Ryu Karate

If you want to learn traditional weapons forms this is a book you will want in your library. Easy to follow photos make this a perfect book for beginners to learn weapons forms from a master of the Martial Arts. You will be able to learn Tongfa , Bo and Sai katas.

(117 pages - Paperback )


Kobudo 2 -
Okinawan Weapons of Hama Higa

by Richard Kim 10th dan in Shorinji Ryu Karate

This book, like numbers 1 and 3, has easy to follow photos of some of the weapons forms of Hama Higa one of Okinawa's most famous kobudo masters. Again, easy to follow photos that beginners and instructors can follow. You will be able to learn Kama Sai and Tongfa katas.

(120 pages - Paperback )


Kobudo 3-
Okinawan Weapons of Chatan Yara

by Richard Kim 10th dan in Shorinji Ryu Karate

This book shows the kata of Chatan Yara, another one of Okinawa's most famous masters. In this book you not only will learn the 1st Sai kata and the 2nd Sai kata of Chatan Yara, but also a very rare form rarely taught using the Techu a unique weapon.

(208 pages - Paperback)


Okinawa - Island of Karateby
George W. Alexander

Many consider this Alexanders best work. Coupled with The Bubishi these books are a mountain of knowledge and information written by one of the most knowledgable individuals in the martial arts today. You will learn the personal bios on many of the greatest masters this tiny island has creat ed including Funakoshi, Miyagi and many more. 208 pages of a master text.




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