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Topic: "meijin"

Can you give me a detailed definition of the Japanese term "meijin"?



Meijin means great master. In the martial arts a meijin is a term used to refer to a truly unique and distinguished master of an art who is considered to have achieved mental, spiritual and physical perfection. In modern budo (karate, aikido, kendo, judo, etc.) a meijin is thus one who achieved a level beyond just excellence in technique but has entered a spiritual realm towards self-perfection -- achieving a quiet mind (fudoshin) and often experiencing enlightenment. The well known martial arts writer and historian Donn Drager notes in "Modern Budo & Bujitsu" that "all genuine meijin of classical disciplines, without exception, studied a wide range of different disciplines, never specializing in one alone, at least before achieving meijin status."

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