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Mark V. Wiley

Mark V. Wiley is an internationally renown martial artist and scholar whose involvement in the arts spans more than twenty years. He holds advanced rank in the Filipino arts of Cabales serrada escrima, Bi–as dynamic arnis, kalis Ilustrisimo, arnis Escorpizo, and modern arnis; the Chinese arts of ngo cho kun and wing chun kuen; the French art of boxe Francaise savate; the Japanese art of Shiho Karano-ryu ju-jutsu; the Korean art of taekwondo; and the American arts of kenpo karate and jeet kune do concepts.

In addition to training for several years in Western boxing and wrestling, Mark also received instruction, without formal rank, in Filipino pekiti tirsia arnis and Rigonan-Estalilla kabaroan, Malaysian bersilat, Indonesian pencak silat, Indian silambam, lathi, and hatha yoga, Japanese kenjutsu, Chinese Yang and Wu styles of tai chi chuan, hsing-i, phoenix-eye fist kung-fu, and the internal disciplines of qing long san dian xue mi gong fa qigong, ba duan jin, yi jin jing, zhang zhuan, and vipassina meditation.

Mark has written several other books, including The Secrets of Phoenix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu (with Cheong Cheng Leong), The Secrets of Cabales Serrada Escrima, Martial Arts Talk, Qigong for Health and Well-Being (with FaXiang Hou), Filipino Martial Culture, and Filipino Martial Arts: Cabales Serrada Escrima. He has written martial arts entries for the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body-Mind Disciplines and the Encyclopedia of World Sport, and is the author of over 100 articles which have appeared in such publicatioins as the Journal of Asian Martial Arts, Hoplos, Hop-Lite, Martial Arts Illustrated, Martial Arts Legends, Inside Kung-Fu, Black Belt, Karate/Kung-Fu Illustrated, Martial Arts Training, Wu Shu Kung-Fu, Qigong Kung-Fu, Karate International, Tambuli, and Phoenix.

Mark has traveled throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Far East—spending most of his time in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Japan—to train and conduct field research on various martial arts and healing traditions. He has been nominated to four martial arts halls of fame, but declined induction feeling that such things are too often motivated by political and monetary gain. He has also been featured on the cover of three international martial arts magazines.

Mark has served as executive martial arts editor for the Charles E. Tuttle Publishing Company, in their Tokyo and Boston offices, as book publishing manager for Multi-Media Books and Unique Publications, as associate publisher of Martial Arts Illustrated magazine, editor of Martial Arts Legends magazine, and associate editor of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts. He is currently the group publisher of the 247You health division of Agora, Inc. and resides in Towson, MD, with his wife, Jeraldine, and son, Alexander.

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